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Pirate Praveen praveen at onenetbeyond.org
Mon Jun 5 10:35:42 IST 2017

On 2017, ജൂൺ 4 6:49:23 PM IST, Raghavendra Kamath <raghavendr.raghu at gmail.com> wrote:
>Who owns this one? How can we get access to this? I see that it shows
>gitlab's 404 page.

That's because there is no such sub domain right now and ilug.org.in is pointing to gitlab pages.

It is managed by community (fosscommunity.in, https://matrix.to/#/#fsci:matrix.org), I have access (others too).

That gives me an idea to create a matrix room for ilug-bom as well.


You can install riot app from riot.im. diasp.in accounts work as matrix accounts too. disroot.org also offers matrix accounts.

You can think of it as IRC with a built-in bouncer. It has bridges to irc, slack and telegram.

It uses same protocol as Signal for end to end encryption (including groups). Has voice and video too.

>One a sidenote, it is nice to see that the about section in
>alpy.ilu.org.in uses one of my illustrations of gnu :D.
>You can get my other wallpapers in this repo ->
>Not a lot of content yet but I plan to add more in future.

Its indeed a small world :D
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