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           Congratulations on the successful mission. Very nice . Thank you and your team, for the report about the event and letting us , the general public become aware of such events.regardsharsha godavari
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Hi everyone,

As all of you know, we had a small InstallFest in St. Mary's School 
Mazgaon, Mumbai. We successfully installed Linux (Fedora 25) in over 30 
computers of the school's lab.

Our group members came to the school around 1.30 PM. We were pleased to 
see our old memeber Rony already there. We really need more members from 
ML to participate in this movement.

Sajida Madam from St. Mary's School, Fr. Jude, engineers and technicians 
from Ajuman-I-Islam were also present. The enthusiasm & patience of the 
school staff and engineers was commendable.

The members namely Nilesh and Tayyab Sir, who reached the venue early, 
started copying the customised ISO image prepared by Rajeev to the USB 
thumb drives.

We prepared 7-8 bootable Live USB and distributed it to the members and 
school staff.

We started the install fest by doing a small demo installation on one of 
the computer in the lab. The technicians and teachers took notes as the 
install process progressed.

Later everyone started the install process simultaneously on the 
computers, to our surprise the staff was successfull in installing linux 
with little help. Sajida Madam installed linux on two to three of the 
machines all by herself.

We were mostly over seeing and helping them. Meantime we went to one of 
the class rooms to examine an education software named "eSense" by 
Navneet. It was browser based software so there won't be much problem in 
running it on Linux. Mr Walter, the software provider to school, has 
already talked to Navneet. Once Navneet comes up with Linux port, we can 
install linux in each classroom where one Windows 7 desktop runs this 
application at present. Otherwise we might need to port it.

Rony pointed out that such smart school or digital school is only a 
marketing gimmick and it has nothing to do it with good education. 
Protecting schools from such commercialization is another social 
movement. At present we have to fucus on Free software movement. We can 
of course discourage schools on using such shiny tools in place of 
traditional methods when we interact with them. Benoy has come up with 
an idea of making such open source software as an alternative and 
distribute in schools.
That is a wonderful project. We observed that eSense was only collection 
of videos based on text book lessons.

We had another surprise visitor in the afternoon, Krishnakant of Digital 
Freedom Foundation, he came with Prajakta (a GNUKhata team memeber). 
Both were excited to see the enthusiasm of members. Rony was very happy 
to see Krishnakant after a long time. Krisnakant told about latest 
release of GNUKhata and that the software is now receiving nice response 
from government and private sector. "From next academic year, GNUKahata 
will be a part of curriculum in Kerala" he said.

Mr Walter (School Software Provider) also showed interest in GNUKhata. 
He assured to offer it as an alternative to Tally. Fr Jude remebered 
that he had met Krishnkant long ago in IIT mumbai.

Father Jude informed us that board provides a kind of exe file during 
exam. So we must write to board to send an alternative for it and ensure 
from them that there won't be any issues due to adoption of Free 
Software. He is going to write to state board about it. This is an 
important point and we must all take it seriously otherwise the schools 
will hesitate to adopt FOSS.

Latif, from Osmanabad, was also present for the festival. We have great 
hopes from him. Our success certainly depend on how the movement is 
adopted in other parts of Maharashtra. We need many more people like 
Latif. Thanks to Latif and also thanks to Tayyab for bringing him.

We completed everything before tea break. Post tea session was a 
relaxing time for all of us. We shared our experiences and chat. The 
festival ended with a group photo.

Cheers !!

(Report is prepared from the inputs given by Raghavendra Kamath and 
other members)

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