[ILUG-BOM] Self hosting Git, IM, VoIP and Screen share

Revant Nandgaonkar revant.one at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 19:39:24 IST 2017

Recently I came across a project https://yunohost.org, It's a FOSS app like
uses letsencrypt certificates and is extendable by installing apps.

I've setup a vps and it's working great! Our server hosts Gogs for git,
Baikal for Card/CalDAV and Rainloop as webmail.

It comes with many free services installed, includes MetronomeIM (
https://lightwitch.org/metronome) as xmpp server and Mail server
(postfix/dovecot). LDAP service is also configured for all apps installed
and a single sign on system is also available across hosted services.

I was able to login to this self hosted xmpp server using Empathy, Pidgin,
AstraChat (Android with VoiP), Conversations (Android)

There are xmpp multi user chatrooms (groups) possible.

The main practical benefit I see in using MetronomeIM and Empathy is screen
sharing. We are able to do free, unlimited screen shares!


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