[ILUG-BOM] Self hosting Git, IM, VoIP and Screen share

Revant Nandgaonkar revant.one at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 22:18:29 IST 2017

On Sat, Jun 10, 2017 at 9:01 PM, Raghavendra Kamath <
raghavendr.raghu at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have heard that managing a mail server is a nightmare, so much so that,
> even most experienced admins think twice before doing it.
> Is this true? And how easy it is to self host mails, and possibly stay out
> of the spamhaus list? How much worth is it when compared to a paid service
> like Kolab now?
I'm not most experienced admin!

Home Hosted Server (only Personal) :

I had setup mail server from home using Static IP from MTNL for my personal
It worked even when the IP was in one of the spam blacklist. Not using this
setup anymore.

Pros :
Virtually free (as in free beer). Home internet connection, old desktop

Cons :
No data center level connectivity
Household power cuts
Static IP by MTNL was in spam blacklist

G Suites (for business) :
Using it on one domain for email service

Pros :
All proprietary services available

Cons :
Expense to purchase each account

Go Daddy cpanel shared hosting :
Offered 1000 emails for a domain. Not using this anymore


Recipients complain that mail goes in spam,
TLS/SSL not available
Users didn't like webmail interface (squirrelmail/roundcube/horde)
5 to 10  minutes for mail to reach/receive

Yunohost on Digitalocean VPS Bangalore:
Using it for 12 users on 1 domain name

Unlimited users (subject to vps capacity)
Letsencrypt Certificates available for all services/subdomains
IP clean, not in any spam blacklist
one of the web service grading email server and security ranked it 458th
place out of 93148 domains tested

Conclusion :
IP of the server decides whether it'll be in blacklist.

With all new projects like sandstorm.io, yunohost.org, cloudron.io,
FreedomBox, etc. it has become very easy to install and manage (mail)
I've not faced any problem "self" hosting from reliable VPS provider.

With commercial email service providers there are restrictions on email
e.g. no. of emails allowed per account per day, attachment limits, port
access limits etc.
In case of VPS hosting, I've no restrictions anywhere.


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