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Fri Jul 14 13:08:11 IST 2017

Hi Shakti Kannan,

On 2017 Jul 14 11:22:30, Shakthi Kannan wrote:

> Appreciate your enthusiasm and effort.

Thank you very much for your appreciation and the feedback.

> If you can add something that has a local flavour to Mumbai, it will
> be easy to identify the logo.

I agree with your critique of the logo.
I tried to incorporate some wide variety of symbols related to Mumbai for example a silhouette of gateway of india, local train I even tried Vada Pav in tux's hand.
But it was becoming too cliche and forced. Hence I settled on the most basic and simple form i.e. Tux mascot and name of the group in bold, which is readable at a very small size too.
However my take on this may be wrong and may be it can be improved and done without going too overboard.
And as most developers usually say to us normal users - "patches are welcome!" :) 
This is the reason I shared the source file so that anybody can improve it.
I would be more than happy to see the improved version of this logo.

>Also, I am not sure if you can use the
> flag colours. The "Flag Code of India, 2002" has some guidelines:

Thank you for raising this concern.

I have read the flag code prior to selecting these colors. Particularly the section III of the flag code which states the use of the flag. It states that "colourable immitation" is not allowed.
For it to be a colourable imitation it should look like flag of india, once such example would be in my opinion logo of Indian National congress or T.M.C where they have replaced Ashoka chakra with party symbols.

However, I may assuringly say that in my knowledge any of the colours that are known to man are not copyrighted to anybody, and more so the colors that I have used in my design are different than the colors of our flag,
for example the saffron color (RGB hex code - #ff6600) is not the color of the saffron in our flag which is brighter, more saturated and approximately has this rgb hex code - #FF9933.
The green that I have used is also different. Moreover the colors need to be in specific shape and order for it to be identified legally as our national flag, plus there is no ashoka chakra
or it's blue color used in this logo. So in my opinion, this logo is not "colourable imitation" and doesn't resemble indian flag in any manner or creates the impression that it relates to the Government.

Please correct me if I am wrong in this regard or please let me know if there is any other law in India, that I may be unaware of, which forbids the use of any tints or shade of these colors together in design for artistic expression.

Thank you

Raghavendra Kamath

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