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Fri Jul 14 16:25:32 IST 2017

On 2017 Jul 14 14:32:29, Shakthi Kannan wrote:

> Technically speaking, yes. But, the first impression that I got was
> the imitation of the national flag. Hence, my point of view on the
> same.
Well my intention was to invoke the indian feeling, which I guess you have experienced, but call it imitation.

Well "imitation" is wrong word here I guess. I won't call it imitation. In my opinion imitation means exact replica with slight change intended to misguide the onlooker and to make him think it is the original.
I doubt you thought that this is our national flag.

And as I have explained earlier for it to be an imitation, it should have a striking resemblance.
Just using the color of our national flag to invoke indian feeling is not imitation. You can see such usage in many logos, for example Mumbai Indian logo has two swooshes which have saffron white and green color.
Sahara India has this scheme, etc. If you get the feeling of india when seeing those color that doesn't mean it is imitation. If mere using the colors in a row is imitating the national flag then in that sense everybody
is forbidden to use these three colors together in branding other than govt. of india :)

Nevertheless, in my free time, I'll try to come up with something without these three colors, as you think it looks like our national flag and some others may also feel the same and may think it is related to the flag or
Govt. of India.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Raghavendra Kamath

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