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Yes. It should be accepted.
On 14 Jul 2017 5:13 pm, "Rushabh Mehta" <rmehta at gmail.com> wrote:

> > On 2017 Jul 14 14:32:29, Shakthi Kannan wrote:
> >
> >> Technically speaking, yes. But, the first impression that I got was
> >> the imitation of the national flag. Hence, my point of view on the
> >> same.
> > Well my intention was to invoke the indian feeling, which I guess you
> have experienced, but call it imitation.
> I think this discussion is completely un-necessary :) For the record I
> think the logo looks great and we should definitely use it.
> Shakthi, I understand your need to put across technical point (which may
> not be valid at all), but you could have let it go. The use of the three
> colours is so common that it is irrelevant here. If anything, it resembles
> Italy more than India.
> From my point of view you are just being a killjoy.
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