[ILUG-BOM] Monthly Meeting Summary - 12th August 2017

Vishwas Hajirnis patrapeti at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 12:26:59 IST 2017


Thanks for the summary.
Just wanted to know what exactly are these Lab manuals about ?
I think .net under Linux might be solvable as Microsoft it self is offering
some help in this areas. ( But of course, in the long run that could be a
dangerous option. ). Tally may not be a solvable problem under linux but it
may be required only by the office / accounts staff.
Just wanted to share the problem that I was expecting. If you have lot of
emails in outlook how to migrate them to free software alternatives ?

-- Vishwas

On 16 August 2017 at 08:43, Milind Oka <oak445 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Monthly Meeting Summary - 12th August 2017
> The meeting started with Gimp talk by Raghavendra Kamat. In fact everyone
> wants to play with shapes and colors right from childhood days. Apart from
> that, basic image processing is everyday need of Digital Age.
> We often need to work with Image formats and their conversion. Uploading i
> card size  photos in applications, résumé etc.
> Without appropriate tools and proper guidance this can be too difficult or
> even impossible for avarage user.
> Fortunately we had more student attendees. They certainly enjoyed the
> expert's tips.
> It is true that anyone can practice and teach elementary gimp usage. But
> learning basics from a professional artist is really a different experience.
> We felt this difference when Raghu started experimenting with sample
> images.
> He showed how to colorize original black and white image with various
> color tools.  He finally gave a demonstration of masking, where he changed
> the face of a person in image, keeping the same body. The transformation
> was so homogeneous that it was impossible to suspect any manipulation.
> Of course he warned the students not to misuse this skill.
> In the next session, Joe put a propsal of celebrating Software Freedom Day
> (16 September). He suggested to arrange an install festival, a hackathon
> and FOSS exhibition in DBIT. The idea was to invite students and teachers
> of schools and colleges of Mumbai.
> Although the idea was welcome by DBIT Profs and students, it could be
> difficult to arrange everything in a short amount of time.
> So we put the proposal to DBIT for further discussion.
> In the last session, Nilesh showed the lab manuals that he has prepared
> with the help of students. Nilesh and his students team have made a
> wonderful job. The students had even gone to a few schools. But the
> principals of junior colleges are not yet confident to migrate. As per his
> teams feedback, the only problem they faced was Tally and .net.  We need to
> study alternatives to these softwares further.
> As far as schools are concerned there seems no problem in State or CBSE
> board.
> - Milind
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