[ILUG-BOM] Monthly Meeting Summary - 12th August 2017

Rushabh Mehta rmehta at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 13:42:26 IST 2017

>> Krishnakant Mane and his team have successfully made a tally alternative
>> called GNU Khata. They have docs on how to migrate Tally data into GK. They
>> even do it at your place for a fee. The only roadblock I see is the CAs'
>> refusal to work on non Tally software as they get heavy discounts and
>> promotion from the company.
> That is not the real problem. The real problem is the old standards issue.
> Peutronics <whatever they are called now> keep changing their data formats.
> It is not only a CA or one client who has to switch. It is all clients of a
> CA firm and other collaborating CA firms who have to switch. Else one will
> require a continuos ongoing seamless means of data export to / from GNU
> Khata to Tally.
> There is also the never ending issue of keeping up with the utterly daft
> ROC, ST, Excise, VAT departments' idiotic implementations of security
> certificates for esigning. Most of the above services do not function
> behind a proxy / firwall and require disabling to ZERO all security to get
> them working. Add to the mix M$ document formats, forms embedded in PDF,
> etc etc and one faces a herculean task in switching a CA's office to a
> GNU/Linux environment.

Plug: Hundreds of companies in India are already using ERPNext successfully. Lots of them without any external "support" from 3rd parties.

FYI: Its also "Free Software".

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