[ILUG-BOM] Debian 9 input sources for Indian languages

Raghavendra kamath raghavendr.raghu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 19:30:56 IST 2017

Hi Joshua

On Wednesday 6 December 2017 10:20:53 AM IST Joshua Immanuel wrote:

> In Debian 9, I am not able to find input sources for Hindi or Tamil in

> "Region & Language" settings of GNOME.

Are you on debian 9, I think the recent update fixed this issue.

> Is there any specific package that has to be installed for this?

No this was a bug which was introduced due to removal of indian language

layouts from the main xml file which gnome uses. This was removed because

Indian Redhat developer thought that these layouts are not useful and may

clutter gnome control center. You can see the commit here ->


This was reverted when users reported the issue and I guess debian guys

patched the files and released it with an update. Other distros will have

wait for the new release of xkb I think.


Raghavendra Kamath

Illustrator & Designer


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