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Dear All,

COEP is organising it's first every FOSSMeet on 7th and 8th April
(Sat-Sun) 2018.

The website is up at https://foss.coep.org.in/fossmeet/ 

The registrations for non-COEPian attendees are open at

Enter the world of Opestack, Firefox, Wordpress, Blender, Docker, Git,
Virtual Reality, DevOps, jQuery, IoT, Beaglebone, Debian, Go and a lot
more. With 22 sessions (Talks, workshops and fun) the event will
definitely be fruitful for everyone. 

Each venue has a limited capacity and the seating will be on a first com

Hurry and register yourself before the tickets get over! 

Please forward this message to all your LUGs, ILUGS, FSUGs and
interested communities. 

Abhijit A M

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