[ILUG-BOM] Summary of April Meetup

Milind Oka oak445 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 19:20:22 IST 2018

Meeting started at exactly 3 pm. We had some new members. Dhruv, a young
student who has been using Linux for last four years. He shared his
experience of installing Linux for the first time and also using Linux in
School. Ashish, another newcomer, who is an experienced sysadmin and
programmer, said that he has been pushing FOSS in his company. We were
happy to see an old ILUG member Prof Kumar from IIT-B who is also a Debian

After the initial introduction, Rajeev started with the basic introduction
of gpg. he explained how symmetric and asymmetric encryption works, the
concept of secret keys. he explained how symmetric encryption is coupled
with asymmetric encryption in the gpg to optimise performance.

Rajeev showed us how to set-up gpg key pairs and also how to share the
public key with other users, he then gave a demonstration of how to
encrypt, decrypt and sign a document with gpg. He explained the concept of
the web of trust and how to import and sign gpg keys of others.

After the demo, there was a small question and answer session.

( Prepared by Raghu and Tayyab)

Thanks and Regards
-- Milind

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