[ILUG-BOM] Good Linux/FOSS Books For Migrated Schools

Rigved Rakshit r.phate at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 07:54:00 IST 2018

What is the "syllabus" for the academic year? The reason for asking this
question is that all books target a certain topic and general purpose
textbooks in CS are rare because the field is so vast.

On Thu 12 Apr, 2018, 10:33 Milind Oka, <oak445 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> As you already know, ILUG-BOM have migrated two schools in Mumbai to
> Linux/Open Source.
> There is a query from these schools for a list of appropriate computer
> books for coming academic year.
> There is an excellent project - Computer Masti by, IIT Mumbai, where Open
> Source Computer Books are being created and released under 'creative
> commons'.
> Intially copyrights belonged to InOpen technologies, now they are taken
> over by Next.Education.
> https://www.computermasti.in/
> I really appreciate IIT-B and FOSSEE teams for their commendable projects.
> It seems that the project now is maintained nicely by Next.Education
> without violating the Open Source Policy. I suppose that they do not depend
> upon government funds now to grow. These books will definitely be a great
> help to all the schools migrated to open source.
> So I think we can surely recommend these books to all schools.
> But this solves the problem of most of the CBSE/ICSE schools who generally
> do not have budget restrictions.
> On the other hand, students of many state board schools come from weaker
> sections of the society. They cannot even spend 250 Rs for a book.
> Our two schools also come in these category. ( They are aided, but IT
> section is unaided, so even salary of teachers is paid by school
> management).
> While talking to ILUG team, Fr Jude of St Mary school said "We cannot
> charge more than 500 Rs for computer fees, then how to pay licences of
> commercial softwares ?"
> So lack of funds is the prime reason for them to migrate.
> They are expecting from us something like a small booklet costing around
> 50-75 Rs for each std so that students can afford it.
> Kindly give your suggestions.
> Milind
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