[ILUG-BOM] Comprehensive list of open source education tools

Raghavendra Kamath raghu at raghukamath.com
Thu Aug 23 10:32:43 IST 2018

Hi Rushabh,

On Thursday 23 August 2018 9:12:12 AM IST Rushabh Mehta wrote:
> Is there a comprehensive list of F/OSS education tools and games? 

As a part of our ILUG-BOM activities targeted towards education we had made a 
small list of software that we could include in our customized ISO for 
schools, you can download the list from this link:

This is not a complete list there are many other educational software, you can 
find some in Debian Edu , and also in KDE Education Section.

There is also a collaborative textbooks initiative by KDE, wikimedia and 
others called - wikitolearn, it is pretty nascent.

Our Central Govt. also has produced some textbooks for CBSE, the topics are 
all based on F/LOSS tools. You can also download these from the website.

There are also textbooks from Kerala board, which can be downloaded, Milind 
Sir had collected them.


Raghavendra Kamath
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