[ILUG-BOM] Comprehensive list of open source education tools

abhijith abhijithb21 at disroot.org
Sat Aug 25 10:16:49 IST 2018

On Saturday 25 August 2018 09:48 AM, GN wrote:
> On Friday 24 August 2018 07:24 PM, Raghavendra Kamath wrote:
>> On Friday 24 August 2018 6:18:51 PM IST GN wrote:
>>> Is this available as a customized distro?  We haven't remastered our
>>> school distro after 14.04. 
>> We have a Fedora based version and a debian based version.
>> With xfce, Gnome as well as KDE flavours
>> Both versions can be built with latest base distro that is fedora 28 and 
>> debian 9. 
>> Rajeev had created the fedora build, so he must be having the fedora iso on 
>> his server.
>> I have the debian xfce version of the iso.
> We are going to a school in Palghar on Tuesday. How do we collect the
> Debian ISO?  If there is a link to download, we can do that as well.
There is an educational version of Zorin OS, a distro based on Ubuntu.
Pretty good UI and nice collection of apps. It has a regular ISO with
GNOME and a Lite version with XFCE. We have a few CDs with us of the
just previous version(12.3). I can give you them if we can meet.
Otherwise you can download the ISO of the latest version(12.4) from
their website.
> thanks
> --
> GN

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