[ILUG-BOM] software freedom at the time India is debating privacy, data policy in the digital space

GN nagarjun at gnowledge.org
Fri Sep 21 10:26:20 IST 2018

All the recent threats to digital netigens are arising due to ignoring
the visionary warnings RMS gave us several decades ago. Whether it is a
threat to privacy, or the dangers of cloud computing.  The 'open source'
vision though may have spread the development of technology, it failed
miserably in adhering to the ethical and political dimensions of the
movement.  I think it is relevant to discuss such issues and awaken the
community to why we still need to address the issues of software freedom.

RMS will be in India during early 2019.  Would any of you be interested
in coordinating with me to check for a good venue and to find a host in
the first week of January.  The date will be around 7th of Jan, + or -
one day.



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