[ILUG-BOM] Unable to switch between AMD drivers to get vulkan support

Dhruva lokegaonkar dhruva at lokegaonkar.in
Mon Sep 24 22:41:48 IST 2018


I needed some help with graphics drivers
I have a AMD graphics card (r9 280x)
I've been using the x86-video-ati driver but I also have the amdgpu driver installed.
I wanted vuklan support so I need to use the amdgpu driver.

How can I switch between what driver I'm using?

lspci -k shows in using the "radeon" driver (which is the ATI driver) 
I've tried adding MODULES=(amdgpu) in my /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and running mkinitcpio -p linux but the kernel still uses the radeon driver.

Also I'm using arch and I've installed the xorg-drivers group.
I actually tried uninstalling the xf86-video-ati package but even after uninstalling that I was still stuck on the same driver. (I've tried rebooting)

Let's say I also install the  amdgpu-pro proprietary driver. Is there a way I can switch between the various drivers and how do I check what driver I'm running?
Note: I'm checking vulkan support with vkmark and trying DXVK support in Lutris (with wine)
Dhruva Lokegaonkar
dhruva at lokegaonkar.in 

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