[ILUG-BOM] [commercial] mini distro for personal use

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at kathe.in
Sat Oct 20 13:34:06 IST 2018

[sorry to have not added-in the "commercial" tag to my mail]

anyone interested in building a mini linux distro?

characteristics would be;
1. build a highly stable yet performant customized workstation-grade
    linux kernel,
2. layer it up with bionic, compiled for high performance and dynamic
3. layer that up with only the non-graphical components of "plan 9 
4. add-in any other required components from third-party sources without
5. provide a safe environment, where-in accidental deletion of system
    files be impossible

all scripts should be "rc" (p9p shell) scripts, including the init ones.

this would be paid work and the developer would have the permission to
take it public and maintain it as his/her own distro for wider 

the challenge is;
1. to make the whole installation fit in 8mb of disk space,
2. to have the whole distro (while installed on hdd) load-up and run 
    memory and save only state back to disk on shutdown.
3. to have a complete boot-up in less than 8 seconds.
4. to have a reliable on-disk storage setup.

other factors to consider would be;
1. be non-live and installable off a usb disk,
2. have the ability to automount usb disks,
3. have nothing to do what-so-ever with other forms of storage other 
    the hdd and usb disks.

i need the distro built for my workstation hardware and hence would want 
see it have only the drivers required by my workstation paving the way 
an easier path towards the goal of making the whole installation fit in 
8mb of hdd space.

if anyone is interested in building this please ask me a ton of 
before sending in the quotation for the work.
*and* please ask all questions except for the commercial part "on the 

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