[ILUG-BOM] Variables used in the RHEL config files and init scripts

Arun Khan knura9 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 03:36:35 IST 2018

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find *all* the possible variables
used in the config files and init scripts in a RHEL or derivative

I was working on a RHEL setup to configure a "dummy0" interface with very
specific requirement: this interface shall *not* be managed by the

The RHEL Networking PDF (official doc) does not mention NM_CONTROLLED!
After much searching,  I found the answer in this Ars Technica discussion

They are all defined in a file that goes by the following name.
(where xxx is the initscripts version installed by the distro)

I hope you find it useful in your journey as a Sys/Net Admin working with
RHEL and/or derivative.

-- akk

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