[ILUG-BOM] Linus Torvalds isn't worried about Microsoft taking over Linux

Navin Dhanuka navindhanuka at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 13:25:26 IST 2020

Linus Torvalds isn't worried about Microsoft taking over Linux

And you shouldn't be either. Every company wants to rule Linux -- none of
them can or ever will.

Every time I write a story about Microsoft and Linux, I can guarantee I'll
be buried under such comments as "Microsoft is buying control of Linux!" or
"Microsoft is just practicing it old embrace, extend, and extinguish
tactics to destroy Linux" or "Microsoft is a wolf in sheep's clothing -- it
will wreck Linux."

Here's the truth of the matter: Yes, Microsoft wants to profit from Linux.
And, yes, Microsoft wants to extend and control Linux. Guess what? Everyone
does, and none of them can.

At the 2019 Linux Plumbers Conference <https://www.linuxplumbersconf.org/>,
I talked to Linus Torvalds and several other of the Linux kernel's top
programmers. They universally agreed Microsoft wants to control Linux, but
they're not worried about it. That's because Linux, by its very nature and
its GPL2 open-source licensing, can't be controlled by any single

Torvalds said:

"The whole anti-Microsoft thing was sometimes funny as a joke, but not
really. Today, they're actually much friendlier. I talk to Microsoft
engineers at various conferences, and I feel like, yes, they have changed,
and the engineers are happy. And they're like really happy working on
Linux. So I completely dismissed all the anti-Microsoft stuff."

But that doesn't mean the Microsoft leopard can't change its spots. Sure,
he hears, "This is the old Microsoft, and they're just biding their time."
But, Torvalds said, "I don't think that's true. I mean, there will be
tension. But that's true with any company that comes into Linux; they have
their own objectives. And they want to do things their way because they
have a reason for it." So, with Linux, "Microsoft tends to be mainly about
Azure and doing all the stuff to make Linux work well for them," he

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